About GRJ

GRJINDIA is the largest organization grading finished Jewellery , natural diamonds, lab-grown diamonds and gemstones . GRJINDIA -created the modern laser-inscription process, for Jewellery Identification Reports, GRJINDIA have specialized equipment to detect gemstone treatments and determine natural or lab-grown origins.

One of the most beautiful things in the universe are the gemstones which depict the beauty of the nature. These have always been the desirable things for everyone since olden days. May it be related to luck or fortune or lavishness. These precious stones have always been greeted by the royal families by studding the rare gems in their crown or by any human being in their rings or garlands.

Today the Certification of Gemstone Become an absolute necessity in the course of day to day business because there are many synthetic and treated Gem materials emerging in the Market.